International School

International School

It gives us great pleasure in revisiting and republishing communication from our Journey which began in May 2008. This is published in the interest of all like-minded parents who are part of the eco-system which dreams of education with values and skills for our children.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb


An International school aims to foster the utmost development in student’s capabilities by providing them with a high-quality education in the English language.

The curriculum is based on an International System. These curriculums synthesize the best research and practice from range of national and international systems. Students are required to think and respond, in both verbal and written forms of English to questions requiring analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Such a curriculum offers a balance between the acquisition of essential skills and knowledge and the search for meaning. Education is without meaning if students never really understand.

From an Indian perspective, in an International School, students are prepared for higher educational achievements enabling them to study in English language schools and colleges within and outside India. The I.G.C.S.E. International A Levels and IB syllabus have become popular in all metros and two-tier cities today. Here, students are encouraged to learn across the disciplinary spectrum so that they cultivate a broad and deep knowledge of the world and its manifold relationship.

In an International School, attitudes (appreciation, confidence, curiosity, integrity, tolerance, caring and more) and atmosphere in general are international in style. The aim is to build a sound base both academically and in the holistic development of each child.

The primary aim of an International School is to make children lifelong learners who are principled, responsible and empathetic. They will be encouraged to acquire, question and reflect, demonstrate and communicate understanding effectively and in a variety of different ways. Through guidance from the teacher, they are encouraged to set and maintain realistic goals to achieve their full potential.

The focus is also to make children tolerant and sensitive members of the school and community, progressing socially, emotionally and physically as well as intellectually in a caring environment based on mutual respect and trust. They will understand and appreciate their own cultural heritage, but are open minded to the cultures and values of others. Students will become informed active citizens of the school community and the wider world, developing a sense of responsibility for their decisions and actions. They are taught to relate their classroom experiences to the realities of the world outside.

Internationalism in education is thankfully not the sole property of International schools; it is an ideal towards which all schools should strive.

I Can has been an affiliate school of The Cambridge International Examinations since 2016 and is Mysuru’s First and Only Pathway school as on date.

The Evaluation Report has been designed to comprehensively report on all areas of development of the learner, draw focus on skill and ability providing a fair chance for reflection on one’s performance. Striving to improve not just academic performance but one’s own value systems and graduate each year into a higher classroom is meritorious indeed.

Capt Audrey Maben
School Head

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