Synchronisation is Our Way

It is quintessential that every child gets an environment and opportunity to excel in academics and gets due exposure in co-scholastic activities. Several educational establishments attempt to attain and maintain that balance. However, at I Can, we have a novel approach of synchronising academics and co-scholastic interventions so that every student obtains best experiences and great level of exposure in a natural manner. The co-scholastic activities are introduced from Grade I onwards and some of them are:

  • Rhythm & Movement
  • Theatre
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Art & Design

There is a unique concept i.e. Student-driven Clubs which are nurtured and guided by a mentor.

  • Music Club
  • Debate Club
  • Photography Club

The school also has active clubs which students may join from Grade IV onwards. The clubs are:

  • Culinary Club
  • Dance
  • Art Club
These clubs are for the students, of the students and by the students. The mentors act as guiding forces and the students are motivated to act as driving forces. They receive not only experiences but certain key characteristics which refine their personality further and better. The school deliberately lays due emphasis on co-scholastic interventions and it is vivid from the school’s timetable that its significance is seldom undermined. Moreover, this exposure prepares the students from an early age itself to pick some of these interventions as optional subjects in Grades IX & X.

Socially Responsible Environment

At our yearly ‘Joy of Giving’ event, our students, mentors, their families and friends, make contributions to lesser-privileged individuals, visit select NGOs and partake in environment conservation initiatives. The event sensitises the children about the needs of the weaker sections of our society and the world at large.

Learning Oriented

Various teaching initiatives beyond the classroom make learning more interesting, practical and inspiring:

  • Indian and Foreign Guest Faculty for Music, Theatre, Language etc.
  • Clubs for activities of students’ choice, which could become a subject of study later: Football/Soccer, Karate, Music, Dance, Theatre and Basketball. Swimming & Lawn Tennis sessions are made available every Friday.
  • Self-worth programme to prepare children to stay motivated and make better, wise and informed decisions.
  • Global Perspectives is a programme integrated into other subjects, helping students gain deeper insights and broader, more responsible view-points. The programme also makes the students aware of events and cultural activities from around the world.
Multicultural : The school takes pride in having students from 15 nationalities, and an environment where every individual respects each other’s values, traditions, culture and festivals. Indeed, a mini-plural society where only respect, care and affection prevail.

It is said that the best learning takes place in an atmosphere of enjoyment. Every activity has an element of fun built in, so that the students enjoy doing it and experiencethe benefits of collaboration and teamwork.


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