Cambridge Pathway School Traditions: The I Can Way

Cambridge Pathway School Traditions: The I Can Way

15 years ago, Capt. Audrey Deepika Maben, a passionate aviator and educator, founded I Can School, to bring quality international education to Mysore. Over the years, I Can has built a robust community of like-minded parents, faculty, alumni and learners

This year, we commenced a two-campus operation in June 2022. The Yadavagiri campus focuses on early childhood education. The new 2-acre campus off KRS Road focuses on Primary Education, Middle School Education, Secondary Education and Senior Secondary Education.

It brings us great pride to watch our first few batches successfully graduating with a Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Level qualification. Our learners are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, engaged and equipped with the necessary 21st century skill sets. Whether in mathematics, science, languages or humanities, our experienced faculties  work around the Cambridge curriculum to offer complete flexibility in subject choices for exam taking batches at Grade 11 and 12.

Thematic Learning
Our self-designed thematic learning curriculum focuses on integrated learning cross subjects with English and Mathematics as core subjects. Learners are introduced and reintroduced to the same topics and subjects over the years, in increased complexity and depth every iteration. This is called the spiral curriculum. It is a learning journey that encourages students to build on their knowledge, while applying it to everyday learning around them. 

The Cambridge Pathway gives students a clear path to educational success from age 5 to 19. Our learners are curious, engaged, reflective, caring and responsible individuals.

We are Mysore’s first and only Cambridge Pathway school, recognised and approved by the Government of Karnataka.

Theater & Performing Arts
Theater has been an integral part of I Can since its inception. I Can is a learning space that instills lasting passion for visual art, builds competency and skill in learners.  Children become writers, actors, producers and designers in their own plays and performances. From the screenplay to the set design, learners across grades develop in-depth practical knowledge as individuals and as a group. 
By exploring various genres and styles of theater, learners often break away from societal norms. They create imaginative, original pieces and develop their own ideas about the world. Using theater as an immersive learning tool, we have explored film making, learning new languages, theater and dance forms.  

As an International school with a rich cultural enrichment programme, music and dance are implemented across grades. Learners enjoy exploring music and dance from different cultures, eras and places. We love listening to our high school band consisting of a diverse team of talented instrumentalists and vocalists.  The bands perform during assemblies and inter-house competitions.

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum offers both Music and Drama as subjects for the Cambridge IGCSE Examinations at Grade 10. 

Physical education
Our learners are happy, resilient, and self regulated and understand the importance of rigorous practice through our sports curriculum. Our self designed curriculum includes free play, fitness, acquiring a skill or training, with individual and team sports. We offer martial arts, football, volleyball, throwball, and track and field events. Our newest addition is Ultimate Frisbee.

 We encourage our learners to participate in tournaments at district, state, national and international levels. Additionally, we also facilitate indoor games like chess, table tennis, carrom and mindful board games.

As a school, we support our student athletes through scholarships and personalized academic programs. We have national and international level champions in the field of karate, tennis, golf, skating, badminton, rifle shooting, swimming etc.

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum also offers Physical Education as a subject for the Cambridge IGCSE Examinations at Grade 10.

Student & Teacher Led Club Activities
A unique platform to develop talent and skills within the school. Here are a few clubs your child could be a part of at the moment:
  • Culinary Club
  • Nature Club
  • Classical Dance Club
  • Music Club
  • Western and Indian
  • Classical and Contemporary
  • Vocal and instrumental
  • Coding Club
  • Art and Design Club
  • Sustainability and Gardening Club
  • Writers and Editors Club
  • Photography and Film Making Club
  • Needle Magic Club - Stitching and Embroidery

Sustainability Initiatives
Thinking, acting and practicing eco-friendly living, is a common practice for the  I Can community. This year, with our new campus operation, our sustainable green campus dream has finally come true! With a collaborative effort from students, staff, parents and guardians, I Can School will implement an eco-friendly approach to schooling. 
To inspire a lifelong passion for conservation, learners learn to care for their environment.  I Can

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