"I Don't think all of you are Appreciated enough for all that you do."

    "You all at I Can handled all hurdles with grace and maturity, causing the least confusion to students & parents. You adapted to the challenges of the pandemic very swifty. The teachers learned new technology to ensure no child is left behind."

    "You showed our children that huge changes could be made in a very short time span! Kudos to everyone at I Can."

    Sanheetha Ved Mother of Samaa & Yudir Ved

    "We are Keen on Playing our Part as Parent in our Collective Endeavour of Certain an Ecosystem for Global Learning."

    We are Truly gratefull to the school leadership team & all the teachers for doing an excellent job in these challenging time. We are so proud of appreciative of Pragya who's handlled all her responsibilities with such a calm and composed approach. Well Done!

    Prasad & Preethi Pragna, Grade 8


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